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Anne Mandorla, painter and engraver, lives and works in Paris. Her numerous travels abroad have inspired her artistic reflections. She poses a contemporary and sober eye on reality which she then transforms. Her painted and engraved interpretations offer a figurative vision, bordering on abstraction. Her chromatic and gestural language is gradually developing towards an increasingly minimal expression.
Her successive themes intertwine and certain of them re-emerge thus creating cycles while also finding links with botany, ethnology, history, literature and architecture... They speak about the ‘before’ and the ‘beyond’ themselves in trying to understand the here and now.
Anne Mandorla invites us to analyse the mysterious forces which connect the human to the spiritual.
Her works are presented in Paris in Martine Namy-Caulier / MNC Gallery and Durst Gallery ; in Concorde Gallery in Mulhouse and in Laure Matarrasso Gallery in Nice. She exhibits in international art fairs such as : Art Paris, Art Expo New York, Estampa Madrid, St’Art Strasbourg – and in diverse Art Salons in the Parisian region. Her artist’s books are on depot in the Department of Rare Books in the National Library of France.



National School of Fine Arts, Nancy, France.
B.A., The Philosophy of Art, University of Paris-Sorbonne, France.
M.A., The History of Art, University of Nancy, France.


2023 "Les vallées se moquent des frontières", Le Balcon Gallery, Fontenoy-le-Château, 88, Vosges.
2014,2015,2016,2017 National Print Festival, Maison des Artistes, Charenton-le-Pont.
2000-2024 "Mandorles", (Almonds), Dhalgren Gallery :
2017 "Paintings of residence", La Maison d’Emma, Saint-Mathieu de Treviers / Pic Saint-Loup, Languedoc.
2012 "Anne Mandorla, Artist Traveler”, Faidherbe Public Library, Paris.
2010 "Nomadic Paintings”, Marie Vitoux Gallery, Riad Marelia, Marrakech, Morocco.
2009-2010 "Nomadic Paintings", Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris.
2009 « Nomadic paintings », Andre-Malraux Cultural Hall, Kremlin-Bicetre.
2008-09 « Borassus », Saint-Pierre Hall, Paris.
2008 « Nomadic paintings and engravings », La Hune-Brenner Gallery, Paris.
« Nomadic paintings », Orangerie, Cachan.
2005 Edouard Roch Gallery, Ballens, Morges, Switzerland.
"Nomadic paintings", Mediart Gallery, Paris.
2000-2001 "Observances", Poltrona Frau Design Showroom , Paris.
1998 "Paper Works", Camille Claudel Gallery, Charenton-le-Pont.
1995 Espace Bateau-Lavoir, Paris.
La Marge Gallery , Ajaccio, Corsica.
1993 Charles Foix Hospital Chapel , Ivry-sur-Seine.
France-Telecom, Paris-Elysee, Paris.


2017-24 : Engravings and Paintings (permanently), Durst Gallery, Paris.
2000-2024 : Engravings and Paintings (permanently), Martine Namy-Caulier Gallery, Paris.
2015-2024 : "Horizontal Paintings" (permanently), Concorde Gallery, Mulhouse, France.
2024 "Une fleur pour langage", Art & Liberté municipal gallery, Charenton-le-Pont.
2023 Paintings, Hannah Assouline Gallery, Paris.
2023 Exhibition of the artists résidents of the Maison des artistes of Charenton, Art & Liberté municipal gallery, Charenton-le-Pont.
2018 and 2022 National Print Festival, Ménil’8 Gallery, Paris.
2020 and 2021 "The best Wishes of Artists", Petite Usine Gallery, Tatebayashi, Japan.
2021 "From the line to the landscape", Parisian galleries in Engraving and Drawing Week, Martine Namy-Caulier Gallery, Paris.
"Pure pigments", contemporan art pop up , Galerie Durst, Paris.
2020 and 2019 National Print Festival, Durst Gallery, Paris.
2020 and 2017 "Expressions Plurielles" / seasons 1 and 2,
Art & Liberté municipal gallery, Charenton-le-Pont.
2009–2020 : Engravings (permanently), Laure Matarasso Gallery, Nice.
2019 : Exhibition - sale of the engravings collection, engravings printed by artists in residence in North-Marocco French Institute ; Delacroix Gallery, Tanger, Marocco.
2017 "Association Florence’s 30th birthday", Espace Commines, Paris.
"Plurial expressions", Espace Art & Liberté, Charenton-le-Pont.
2016 : Engravings, Watermark Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.
"Engraved Cards", (invited by the Seine Group)
Art Montparnasse Gallery, Paris.
2015 : Engravings, Saint-Louis Bookshop, Alsace.
"Nature’s Grandeur", Municipal Gallery, Espace Art & Liberté, Charenton.
2021 and 2022 and 1997–2019 : "Studios open to the public", Maison des Artistes, Charenton.
2011–2015 : “Art Studios”, Municipal Gallery, Espace Art & Liberté, Charenton. Special Guest Artist in 2011.
1997 - 2013 Engravings (permanently), La Hune-Brenner Gallery, Paris.
(the gallery closed in 2013).
2012 : "A Line", Le Trait – Graveurs d’Aujourd’hui,
Cité Internationale, Paris.
Dazibao from the questionnaire "Art, A Profession ?"
Area Gallery, Paris.
35th Poetry Festival, Nesles Gallery, Paris,
during the Annual National Poetry Fair.
2010 "Territories in movement", Mediart Gallery, Paris.
"Did you say … Engraving ?", Guyancourt.
"Ochre’s earths", Actee Gallery, Charenton-le-Pont.
2008 and 2010 « Let’s draw the hope », Cyrille Varet Gallery, Paris.
2002 to 2010 Envie d’art Gallery, Paris.
2009 « Plural creativity », engravings of artists in residence, Delacroix Gallery of French Institute of North-Morocco, Tanger, Maroc.
« The 20 years of the gallery », Akié Arichi Gallery, Paris.
2008 « Plural creativity », engravings of artists in residence in French Institute of North-Morocco, National High School of Art and Kraft, Tetouan, Maroc.
« Désenfouissements », Aragon-Triolet Cultural Center, Orly.
2007 "Artists in the city", Art & Liberty Hall , Charenton-le-Pont.
2005 "Oh, girls !", La Mandragore Atelier-Gallery, Burgondy.
2002 "Plural art", Paris.
2000-2001 "Artists’ Wishes", Westport, U.S.A., Paris and Marseille.
Lavoir’s Gallery, Sarlat, Dordogne.
"Artists’ Books", Faubourg-Saint-Antoine’s House, Paris.
"Artists’ Calendars", Mediart Gallery, Paris.
"Paper Palmtrees", "Palmtrees between sun and shadow" Exhibition, Auteuil’s Greenhouse, City of Paris.
"Contemporary Art", Ancienne Justice de Paix, Saint-Cyprien-en-Perigord.
Quinta das Cruzadas Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
1999-98 "The Different Books", Michele Broutta Gallery, Paris.
"Confrontation II", Michele Broutta Gallery, "The Engraving Month in Paris".
Florence Association, Commines Hall, Paris.
1997 "Engraving and Artists’ Books", Mediart Gallery, Paris.
"Clichy Contemporary Art", Clichy’s Teather.
1996 Passerelle des Arts, Ben Ami Koller’s Atelier, Montreuil.
Atelier of the Maison Toussaint, Paris.
Florence Association, International City of Arts, Paris.
1993 Domaine Orenga de Gaffory, Patrimonio, Corsica.
"Jeune Peinture 20 x 20", travelling exhibition at the Grand Palais of Paris, and in 8 French Cultural Centers in Africa, in Budapest, Hungary, and in Florence, Italy.
1991 Katz Gallery, Paris.
"Jeune Peinture 20 x 20", travelling exhibition at the Grand Palais of Paris, and in 3 French Cultural Centers in Africa.


2017 L’Autre Livre, Hall of Blancs-Manteaux, Paris.
Festival Etonnants Voyageurs, Saint-Malo.
La 25ème Heure, Salon du Livre, Le Mans.
Le Printemps du Livre de Montaigu.
2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 : Annual Salon, Charenton,
Municipal Gallery, Espace Art & Liberté, Charenton-le-Pont.
2012 : First Prize for Painting, Annual Salon, Charenton.
Annual Salon, Delacroix Municipal Gallery, Saint-Maurice.
2014 : 25th Anniversary Annual Artists’ May Exhibition, Cultural Center,
2013 "White", International Contemporary Print Salon,
Graver Maintenant Association, Ermitage, Rueil-Malmaison.
2009,2012 : 1st and 2nd Midi-Pyrénées Intaglio Engraving Triennials
Lisle-sur-Tarn Museum, Lisle-sur-Tarn.
2011 Festival of watercolour, Municipal Gallery, Espace Art & Liberté, Charenton.
2009 Euro-Estampe, 8th Intaglio Engraving Biennal, Lorient.
2007 Engraving’s Biennal of Saint-Maur, "Proximity and horizons".
13th Engraving’s Biennal of Sarcelles.
Awarded by Salon of Orly, Aragon-Triolet Cultural Center, Orly.
2007 et 1999 Annual Salon Pages, Contemporary bibliophily, Paris.
2006,-03 and -02 Salon International de l’estampe (engravings), Paris.
2005 Art forum, Montreux, Switzerland.
2001 to 2004 Estampa, International salon of engraving and art edition, Madrid, Spain.
2003 IVth Intaglio engraving biennal of Ile-de-France, 60 french and japanese engravers, Versailles.
1999 Annual Salon, Fresnes.
1999 and 1995 "The Draught, Today’s Engravers", Paris.
1998 and 1997 Mac 2000, Paris.
1996, -93 and -91 Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Paris.
1996 and 1995 Annual Salon, Marne-la-Vallee.
Mini Print International, Cadaques, Spain.
Salon "Greats and Youngs today ", Paris.
1994 and 1991 Salon, Montrouge.
1992 and 1991 May’s Salon, Paris.


2017 Livre Paris, L’œil pour l’œil/Daniel BRY editions, Porte de Versailles, Paris.
Brussel’s Book Fear, L’œil pour l’œil/Daniel BRY editions,
Tour & Taxis, Brussel.
2009, - 11, -14 and 2016 Contemporary Engraving’s day, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris.
2002,-03,-04,-07 and -08 St’ Art, Strasbourg.
2001 to 2007 Art Expo, Jacob Javits Center, New York.
2006 Lineart, Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium.
2007 to 2001 Art Expo, Jacob Javits Center, New York.
2004 to 2002 Art Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
St’art, Strasbourg.
1998 Saga, Contemporary Engraving, Paris.
Decouvertes, Contemporary Art , Paris.


2017 La Maison d’Emma, Saint-Matthieu de Treviers / Pic Saint-Loup, Languedoc.
2008 French Institute North-Morocco / Tanger-Tetouan, engraving’s studio of Tetouan.


Paintings, engravings and books are currently in the possession of private collectors, personal and corporate, in France and around : Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, USA, Brazil, Japan, Morocco.

Orders and purchases by private companies and cultural institutions.

Book purchases by various libraries specializing in art.


2 years of documentation at the Curatory of the Musee d’Orsay, Ministry of Culture, Paris.

Teaching Fine arts.


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"Noirs d’Ivoire" ; text by P.M. Levergeois ; artist’s book printed by L’Oeil pour l’oeil in 12 specimen (one of them at the National Library of France).

"Maculatures" ; text by Patrick Breton ; printed by L’Oeil pour l’oeil (at the National Library of France).

"The Palmtree in Art History", Masters ’s memoir in Art History (at the Library of the National Museum of Modern Art / Georges Pompidou Center - Beaubourg) .


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 Art Expo New York 2001

Art Expo International Fair, New York, march 2001, Jacob Javits Center.

Presentation text about engravings, technical specifics by Anne Mandorla.

Several technics of engraving on copper are used here. From each copper plaque, 1 , 15 , 25 or 30 prints maximum are produced. Each print is unique because of the addition of a special painted marking introduced at the moment of each pressing.

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